How To Handle Low Hanging Windows

What to do when your windows are awkwardly distant from the ceiling? 

Camouflage them with blinds or roman shades.

Hanging blinds above the window sill, flushing them with the drapery rods creates the illusion that the window itself is actually taller than they actually are. So instead of hanging your blinds the traditional way, go high above the window itself. 

Here is an example of very low and short windows being made to look higher and taller.

This trick is not exclusive to low hanging windows. You can use this trick for the sake of making any window appear more grand. 

Here is an example of standard windows made to look even taller.

You may not have the finances to put in brand new windows, but you won't need it if you use this simple trick. The illusion of taller more grand windows by proper placement of blinds and drapes can add luxury and grandeur any small or mundane space.


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