How To Hang Drapes On Disconnected Corner Windows

Quick Designing Tip

Corner windows are two windows that are set very close to the corner of a room. Hanging drapes on them can be tricky as they rarely allow space for drapes on the sides closest to the corner.

Observe how tight the space is in this 3D model.

But there is an easy solution to this. Instead of trying to hang two separate pairs of drapes on both windows, it is best to use 3 sections of drapery to make the two windows appear as one large, connected window.

To do this you will need what is called a curtain rod corner connector. This will allow your drapes to have a continuous flow from one wall to the other. It will also give the illusion that your windows are one continuous piece.

Curtain rod corner connector and assembly pieces.
Once you have installed this piece as the connector of two curtain rods, you simply hang drapery down the middle of the corner, covering the wall completely for a nice flow. 

And there's your quick tip to tricky design solutions. Good luck!

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