Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Area Rug Size Guides For Twin And Queen Size Beds

Here are some easy guides to helping determine which area rug size would be appropriate for both twin and queen size beds. 

When purchasing area rugs for a bedroom you want to bring into account whether you want the rug to accommodate both the bed and side tables or just the bed alone. This will help you to determine how large or small your rug needs to be. Measuring the space that you want covered beforehand can also help you to determine which size would be most appropriate.

Understanding the options you have when placing down an area rug makes it easier to determine which size would best suit your space.

Tip: So as long as your feet touches the rugs on both sides while stepping out of bed, the size is good enough. 2'-3' on either side should suffice.


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  12. I thought my rug would fit in the middle of the floor but it's too large. It's not big enough to put the entire twin bed and nightstand on. I was going to try the 8x5 look but bed is against The wall like in picture one

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