How To Visually Heighten Your Headboard

Space isn't limited to the floor. Interior designers knows how to utilize the entire space of a room, including ceilings and walls.

One way to utilize space is by extending the headboard, or at least the look of the headboard. Creating the illusion of a taller headboard adds a feeling of richness and luxury to your bedroom. Tall headboards can be expensive, but they make a bedroom look and feel grand. "Extending" the headboard without actually purchasing one can create that same feel. The increased height draws the eyes upward making the room appear taller and the space more regal.

A few ways to do this is with a picture gallery, wallpaper, paint and drapery.

When using a gallery wall to extend the height of a headboard, you want to make sure that width of the gallery is similar to that of the headboard. Here are examples of a gallery extending the height of a board.

In this situation the photos are similar and symmetrical, but they don't always have to be so. The photos can be various sizes a asymmetrical, so as long as they aid in the look of a headboard.

The second way is with wallpaper

 In both spaces wallpaper has been used to extend the headboard. In the second photo especially you can see that wallpaper has been used solely as the headboard.

The third way is with paint. Painting the wall behind the headboard can have a huge impact on the overall look of the headboard.

Although the image above isn't of a bedroom, it shows the impact that paint can have when trying to extend the look of a space.

The last way you might want to consider when trying to extend the look of your headboard is by using drapery. This look not only adds luxury and height, but also a touch of romance. It's also a great way to add pops of color.

In every method the same thing is achieved, height, luxury and interest. There are many other ways to do this apart from the four mentioned, such as hanging a rug, or a large mirror, planks of wood. It's really up to you, so as long as the mission is to extend those headboard and draw attention to the height of the ceiling.


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