How To Properly Hang Drapes

How To Properly Hang Drapes

Too often homeowners or apartment dwellers tend to fall into the same decorating trap: hiding their lovely windows with curtains. Think of drapes as the hair on your head and the window as your face.

 Frame it, don't hide it!

You want to hang your drapes as close to the ceiling as possible and off to the sides of your window.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. 

Hang them HIGH and hang them WIDE!

Following these simple rules can make any window appear larger and therefore more grand.

Ideally, you want to go as high as possible, but keep the height of the ceiling in mind when hanging your drapes. If the space between the window and the ceiling is too great, causing the space to look awkward, that can be easily remedied with roman shades. This will be explained in the next post.


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