How To Decorate A Nightstand

How To Decorate A Nightstand

Decorating or accessorizing a nightstand is easy when you remember to use the rule of 3's. Using the rule of 3's helps to keep the area uncluttered and organized. 

The rule of 3's is using 3 objects per table. Sometimes you can group similar objects such as books or picture frames and count that as one object. This can be done if the size of your side table allows.

Additionally, adding an appropriate size tray will help to group things together and your table organized.

Randon Tip: If the table is large enough, you can go from three (3) objects to four (4) objects. Anymore than this would be too much.

Here are some examples of well decorated bedside tables.

1. Lighting 2. Plant 3. Group of Photos 4. Stack of Boxes (Random Object)
1. Lighting 2. Plant 3. Group of Photos
1.Lighting 2. Group of Photos 3. Tray of Objects (Random Object) 4. Vase (Random Object)

Follow these rules and you should have a well decorated side table each and every time. Good luck!


  1. I really like the idea of decorating my night stand with a table lamp. I have been getting really into reading epic fantasy novels lately, and it would be good to have a little better lighting that does not disturb my partner at night. It seems like it would be a good improvement over the headlamp that I have been rocking these days.

  2. I never knew that a nightstand could look so nice! That one next to the white chair looks amazing! The lamp, like you said, needs to be the base of the arrangement. The rest can fit around it (depending on the table shape). But start with the lamp.

    Gerald Vonberger |

  3. All the given ideas are very helpful to decorate a Nightstand and enhance the look of your House Design.

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  5. These photos contradict the writer's decorating advice i.e. only 3 items per a table. The "rule of 3" is not properly defined here either. The rule of 3 doesn't mean limit yourself to 3 items per a table and over 4 is too much. In decorating the rule of 3s means that you should group like things in 3s. So if you have two silver items on a nightstand add a third or even better if the knobs on the nightstand are silver, add two silver items for a total of 3. Or have 3 things that are blue. The 3s can overlap too. One object can count towards several of your threes. For example, a mercury glass frame with a photo of a dog can count as an image of something, a something rectangle, something round (the image) something glass and something silver. Your lamp could count as your something glass, something silver and something round.

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