How To Make Your Space Appear More High End

1. Paint Your Doors Black And Upgrade The Hardware.

Black doors can give any space an instant luxury feel because the color black exudes sophistication and class. Couple this with better hardware (getting rid of the standard knobs), and you have a stylish door. It's up to you what kind of black you want to use, whether blue-black, gray-black, green-black, or black-black. There are also different finishes depending on your taste and what type of look you've going for. A high gloss black will look more glamorous while a matte black will appear more rustic.

Choose a high gloss finish for a glamorous look.
A semi-gloss finish can go in any space.
Matte finishes are great for a rustic look.

2. Use Large Throw Pillows

Using throw pillows that are less than 20x20 will always appear inexpensive. In addition, filling a pillow with larger inserts will give the pillows a more high end look. For instance:

3. Molding and Panels

Adding these make for great architectural interest. Sometimes a space can look bland no matter how nicely decorated. There tends to be that feeling that something is missing. When you want to add real interest to a space try adding molding or paneling. It's fairly easy to install yourself and the payoff far outweighs the effort.

via ApartmentTherapy
Also note the extra large pillows :-)

4. Floor To Ceiling Drapes

I can't stress enough how important it is to consider hanging drapes as close to the ceiling as possible. The floor to ceiling drapes elongates the appearance of the walls therefore making the ceiling appear taller.

Notice how the drapes start far above the window and travel far down to the floor.

5. Oversize Mirrors and Art

This is probably one of my favorite things to do. It's one of those things that I believe if you're going to do, then you better go big or go home. COMMIT! It does wonders to a space especially when placed above a console, buffet or spanning the length of a wall. Check out these examples:

6. Tall Table Lamps

Please do not be a victim to small table lamps. With very few exceptions, I cease to understand their existence. Lamps aren't simply for lighting anymore, these days they have also become a work of art. Large table lamps, whether on a console or nightstand, give off great presence like Roman statues or Grecian columns. They should be allowed to stand bold and tall.

7. Grasscloth Wallpaper

While this is more of a personal preference (it's either your taste or not), you can't deny the luxurious feel it adds to a room. It almost transforms a space into a five start hotel. The texture, richness and warmth it brings into a design is hard to ignore. Though it is a bit difficult to install on your own (it's not as simple as putting up a regular wallpaper), the payoff is equally worth the effort!

8. Hardwood Floors

This goes without saying. Carpet can really cheapen a design while hardwood floors tend to elevate the overall look of a space. It brings sophistication, class and richness into any home. With it everything seems to comes together nicely.

Take your time when making decisions about decorating. Much of these tips are basic decorating 101 and easy to achieve. With these tips you can easily upgrade the look of your space with very little effort. Hope it helps, and good luck!

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